Robotics & Airskin

With Airskin, Keiko makes touch-sensitive robots production-ready!

As a renowned component manufacturer, Keiko has years of manufacturing experience for companies in the field of robotics and a corresponding special know-how when it comes to tailor-made high-tech solutions for automation technology.

In particular, for Blue Danube Robotics Keiko has developed and produces the groundbreaking product AIRSKIN in series quality, which will revolutionize world first the roboter-machine cooperation. AIRSKIN can be used and upgrade for all common robot types and automation appplications.


AIRSKIN is used to increase occupational safety and to optimize space requirements. As a collaborative System, AIRSKIN is almost as sensitive as human skin and makes robots sensitive to the presence of humans. As soon as the robot, which is disguised with AIRSKIN, comes into contact with a human, the robot arms stop immediately. The use of AIRSKIN means maximum safety for people: AIRSKIN brings the safe cooperation of humans and robots to a whole new level – eg. that protect people`s lives. The risk-free cooperation between humans and robots is finally becoming real with AIRSKIN. From prototypes to small series to mass production – KEIKO manufactures AIRSKIN in all sizes and variants that customers need for their respective requirements.

Your advantages with AIRSKIN at a glance:

  • latest touch-sensitive microsensor integrated into special pads
  • resilient surface material and highly complex component geometry
  • man and machine work together perfectly
  • bulky, expensive and disturbing industrial safety measures are eliminated
  • fast turnaround times and increased productivity
  • can be used easily to upgrade all common roboter types
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AIRSKIN Upcoming Events

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February 27, 2019 – February 28, 2019

Hannover Messe

April 1, 2019 – April 5, 2019


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