Technology and industrial consulting for success forecast models and process optimization of product innovations

KEIKO works with the aim of delivering products and services to its customers with maximum success at the best possible cost in the shortest possible time and therefore trusts its specialists and experts in some business areas. Less than 20% of technological development processes make it to the successful market launch and certainly not to a commercially solid corporate success, which is why it is particularly important to cancel projects with undetermined prospects of success and lack of experience of product success in the early phases of the development process. When it comes to new technology developments, Keiko trusts the long-term technology partner IP-Concept on the forecast models and concepts for process optimization.

IP Concept is involved in advising production processes along the entire process chain. The company specializes in strategic product forecasts, technical product management and successful sales strategies. These 3 pillars are extremely important in advance, especially when it comes to product innovations or new product developments. The team of experts from IP Concept supports your project with methods such as pretotyping, MVP, lean management or mystery shopping, to name just a few. Tailored to your needs, IP Concept supports you in the technical implementation of your idea and helps with the decades of experience in the development and implementation of the appropriate sales strategy. IP Concept is also happy to help you with company takeovers and the search for successors of technically oriented companies and supports international investors in negotiations, takeover and implementation. Based on over 30 years of experience, IP Concept realizes turnkey production solutions for its clients.

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Extract from their performance spectrum

  • Development concepts for product innovations
  • Process-optimized production strategies
  • Strategic product forecasts
  • Pretotyping
  • Mystery shopping
  • MVP (Minimal Viable Product)
  • Temporary production management
  • Technical product management
  • Technology and location analysis
  • Material and product testing
  • Manufacturing and approval specification
  • Plants and production architecture
  • Development of successful sales strategies

KEIKO drives your product to success

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from the product idea to the finalised product.

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