PUR moulding – Polyurethane – PUR mould construction

Keiko is one of the leading specialists when it comes to dealing with polyurethanes. We produce PUR moulded parts and customized solutions. Thanks to our 40 years of experience in polyurethane processing with the PUR material systems of the leading manufacturers BASF, Bayer, VIP, but also developments from our own laboratory, we guarantee high-quality PUR moulded parts according to customer requirements.

As a full-service provider for PUR mould making and PUR moulded parts, we deliver tailor-made complete solutions from component development and construction to material formulation and tool making to the specification of tested individual parts or large series with special surfaces or functional components with integrated elements. Talk to us now about your project requirements in the area of ​​PUR mould making or PUR moulded parts.

PUR rigid foam and integral foam

Apparat mit Polyurethan Komponenten von Keiko

Device components

Bankomat mit Polyurethan Komponenten von Keiko

Cash machine

Bodensystem mit Polyurethan Komponenten von Keiko

Floor systems

Cock-Pit eines Flugzeuges mit Polyurethan Komponenten von Keiko

Aviation technology

Polyurethan Verwendung in der Medizintechnik

Medical technology

Frontseite von Musikboxen mit Polyurethan Komponenten von Keiko

Entertainment electronics

PUR compact materials hard, flexible for spraying and pouring applications

Polyurethan Verwendung in der Bahntechnik

Railway technology

Polyurethan Verwendung im Bootsbau


Polyurethan Verwendung in der Fördertechnik

Conveyor technology

Polyurethan Verwendung in der Möbelindustrie

Furniture industry

Polyurethan Verwendung in der Robotertechnik


Polyurethan Verwendung bei Sonderfahrzeugen

Special vehicles

PUR semi-flexible foams

Polyurethan Verwendung bei Armaturenbrettern


Polyurethan Verwendung bei Autositzen

Car seats

Polyurethan Verwendung bei Flugzeugsitzen

Airplane seats

Polyurethan Verwendung bei Lenkrädern

Steering wheels

Polyurethan Verwendung in der Reha Technik

Rehabilitation Technology

Polyurethan Verwendung bei Schuhsohlen


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Beispiele Produktherstellung aus Polyurethan von Keiko

Product manufacturing with PUR materials by professionals

In our modern assembly centre for PUR mould construction & PUR moulded parts, we complete assemblies or manufacture complete products for all industries. We pay attention to the strictest quality standards in all processes. According to its property profile, the wide range of applications is divided into different system groups such as hard, soft, compact and integral.

PUR compact materials hard, flexible for spraying and pouring applications
Fields of application

  • Machine and device cladding
  • furniture industry
  • Protective coatings for heavy loads in conveyor technology
  • railway engineering
  • Special vehicles
  • panels
  • boat building
  • Landfill coating
  • Pond construction and water protection
  • building industry
  • Robotics

PUR hard and integral foam
Fields of application

  • Medical
  • Apparatus components
  • machine components
  • ATM and payment machines
  • Consumer electronics
  • Roof insulation and special roof panels with integrated solar panels
  • ground systems
  • Space Technology

PUR semi-flexible foams
Fields of application

  • Steering wheels
  • Car seats
  • Dashboards
  • Aircraft seats
  • Soles
  • Rehabilitation Technology

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