Carbon Solutions

Composite moulded parts are light, flexible and extremely resilient. Thanks to our years of experience in the manufacture of composite components (fibre composite materials), we enable a very high level of reliability and quality.

We are well equipped with the most modern tools for automated cutting of various materials such as carbon fibre, autoclaves for hardening, air-conditioned clean room, cold rooms and milling machines to produce the moulds.

Fields of Application

Herstellung von Carbon Autoteilen


Carbon für Bootsbau


Herstellung von Carbon für Elektronik


Fahrrad mit Carbonteilen


Carbon für Luftfahrt


Carbon für Militär


Sportwagen mit Carbon


Carbon für optische Anpassungen


Carbon für Sport Equipment


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Beispiele für den Carbon Leichtbau Einsatz

Produce Carbon at KEIKO

Keiko has a worldwide partner network and the necessary implementation skills for the conception and implementation of high-quality lightweight solutions. No matter whether carbon, prepregs carbon fibre, reinforced plastics – when it comes to tailor-made solutions made of lightweight components, Keiko is your expert full-service partner.

  • Precision and ability across all process steps in the production of composite components
  • Development and construction of fibre composite parts on the most modern 3D CAD / CAM systems
  • Materials: carbon fibre (carbon), glass fibre, aramid and hybrid fibre
  • Cutting: Precision cuts on process controlled ZÜND cutters in the clean room for optimal material conditions
  • Manufacturing process: prepreg autoclave (up to 6m in length), prepreg from the autoclaves, RTM, press technology, lost core moulding, vacuum infusion, fully air-conditioned clean room, cooling cell down to -20 ° Celsius
  • State-of-the-art CNC-controlled processing machines guarantee precise contours. Customer-specific surface finishing,
  • Order and component related by hand or painting robot
  • We manufacture moulds and tools as a full-service provider with short reaction paths in-house or at our contract partners in Europe or China.
  • An accompanying quality system and a specific final inspection with the most modern measuring systems enable tests for every application.
  • ICT (3D tomography), ultrasound, X-ray, sealing and layer tests
  • Assembly, assembly: We offer holistic solutions from the connection of individual components to the ready-to-use product.

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