Mechanical Engineering

The level of complexity in industrial plants – and mechanical engineering is higher than ever. All the greater challenges must be faced when converting or building new systems or the corresponding retrofit projects. KEIKO is a manufacturer-independent partner for the planning and implementation of such projects. We develop mechanical and mechatronic systems: For us, development is more than just CAD design.

It is the creative-methodical development of clear, safe and economical solutions of high quality. Keiko relies on a streamlined process and the joint finding and optimization of solutions in the team of its specialists.

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Mechanical Engineering Collage

Machines fitted to your demands

With the help of our VR visualizations, we take the planning and decision-making processes to a new dimension. The visual representation of concepts or plans no longer only represents the product, but increasingly forms the basis for communication between all those involved in the planning and thus is an important component in decision-making. With 3D CAD systems, we implement our concepts in standardized constructions. We give your product security by carrying out dimensioning and design calculations, strength tests and tolerance analysis. Meaningful simulations (e.g. FEM, flow) are realized with the help of specialized partners. Whenever standard solutions are not sufficient, we are called to plan. The machines and automation solutions developed by us are tailored to your requirements. Whether automated processing or handling as well as separating difficult and atypical workpieces – our machines are innovative problem solvers, of course compliant with all necessary standards and regulations and including complete documentation.

Regardless of whether it concerns rules, displays, control of sensors, actuators or entire machines: We develop the electronic intelligence required for this. Circuit development, circuit board layout and microcontroller programming are part of our service. Specialties: motor controls, optical measurement technology as well as wireless data and signal transmission. Our range of services also includes researching marketable components for your product, analysing their performance and we have the experience and competence to take a close look at the providers.

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