Industrial Design

Uncompromising aesthetics meets high-tech production expertise. Keiko Industrial Design relies on maximum product success when manufacturing product ideas through manufacturing optimization. Aligned to the fast-paced product success, we implement future-oriented strategies, product design for new target groups with changed values.

100% market success and not monument preservation – design should arouse emotions but should not become a cost trap. The symbiosis of wow effect and know-how inspires with target-oriented market success. We work for the best and their success proves us right.

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Visions become solutions

Industrial Design bei Mobility


Industrial Design bei Maschinen


Electronic devices

Industrial Design bei Stuabsaugern

Home appliances

Industrial Design bei Kinderwägen


Industrial Design bei Prothesen


Industrial Design bei Lausprechern


Industrial Design bei Akku Box

Battery box

Industrial Design bei Alkomaten


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Keiko Industrial Design includes:

Consumer goods

  • Lamps
  • Tools
  • Home appliances
  • Sports and leisure products

Investment goods

  • Mobility
  • Medical technology
  • Electronic equipment
  • Production machines

KEIKO drives your product to success

KEIKO is your counterpart who accompanies you
from the product idea to the finalised product.

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