Technology and Innovation Park Bad Fischau

TIP – The Technology and Innovation Park Bad Fischau unites at the location with the technology providers project-oriented engineering for holistic product solutions with the emphasis on development and production development of technically sophisticated products, devices and machines.

TIP bundles competence synergies for companies in the areas of product development, product manufacturing and factory automation. As a technology and innovation park we rely on networking and the creation of framework conditions for holistic production processes on time.

Our Expertise Concept

Ground Floor

Ground Floor

Upper Floor

Upper Floor

Top Floor

Top Floor

The rental properties are specially adapted to the manufacturing requirements and needs of the tenants. The adjoining technical center with highly qualifies specialists and numerous test facilities for various process technologies accompanies your project.

  • Product development
  • Product manufacturing
  • Series Automation
  • Production support

Our Vision


Vision: TIP technology and Innovation Park Bad Fischau

Planning project according to development plan: Technology and Innovation Park Bad Fischau

  • Built-up area: 5200m²
  • Total investment: approx. 5.2 million euros
  • Implementation period: 3 years
  • Total rental space: around 3275m²

    Planned expansion stages in 2 project steps: TIP01 and TIP02

    Technology and Innovation Park 01

    • Completion: 2020
    • Total rental area: around 1500m²
    • Investment: approx. 2.3 million euros
    • Orientation: Keiko technical centre, office, meeting rooms

    Technology and Innovation Park 02

    • Completion: 2021
    • Total rental area: around 1775m²
    • Investment: approx. 2.9 million euros
    • Alignment: offices and production areas, serial construction customer projects
    • Variable sizes and types of use according to an “open space” concept