Partial Face Shield – COVID19

Enjoy highest wearing comfort with a minimum of disturbance!

As an advancement to our face shield Keiko offers you an unobstrusive, extremely lightweight partial face shield  which – comparable to common face masks – covers mouth and nose. This model is fixed with ear hooks, just like a headset. The consequent liberty in the facial area is unique in the field of face masks.

Please understand that for reasons of hygiene, shipped face protections and partial face shields can’t be returned.


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Maximum hygiene, minimum disturbance

The partial face shield is worn like a headset. Due to the adjustable length of the fixation temples a high wearing comfort – also for a longer period of time – is given. The shield can be cleaned with common disinfectants, hence it is ideally suitable for a sustainable, repeated usage. 

Secured supply with KEIKO

The partial face shield is currently in the prototype stage with a limited distribution capacity. However, big effort is taken to bring this protection into series production to enable a sufficient quantity for delivery. Thanks to a 100 % production in Lower Austria you can rely on our short ways of transportation and therewith on our high availability as your supplier.

Your protection at a glance:

  • Unobstrusive shield
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Sustainable & reusable
  • Back-ventilated
  • Unaffected breathing
  • No drenching of the protection
  • Ideally suitable for spectacle wearers
  • Adjustable size
  • High wearing comfort
  • Easy disinfection
  • Visible facial play
  • No restrictive feeling
  • Modern Design
  • Caution: Due to hygienic reasons shipped products can NOT be returned!

Protect yourself, your family, your employees and your customers!
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