At Keiko, the coordination of material requirements and component test begins in parallel with the specification. To ensure that our corporate goal of “zero-defect production” is not left to chance, all productions are aubject to quality management coordinated with the customer.

In addition to the implementation of standardized mechanical and electronic tests, we develop product-specific test systems and develop simulation assemblies according to customer requirements. Furthermore, the testing of electrical components, environmental tests, temperature, vibration, shock, humidity, etc. as well as tests of EMC – electromagnetic compatibility are carried out.

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Within our mechanical test group we can offer the following mechanical properties of metals, ceramics, plastics and composites using calibrated measuring equipment and applying generally valid standards (DIN, ASTM, EN, ISO,…). Together with our partners as well as well-known testing Institutes, universities and research institutions, we ensure that the desired requirements are met.

  • Testing of components
  • Construction of product test stands and test facilities
  • Measurement analyzes and test reports
  • Air cabinet simulation
  • Optical and mechanical tests
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